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Signature Wellbeing

We recognise that true success and fulfillment extend beyond professional achievements to encompass holistic wellbeing. Our Signature Wellbeing coaching package is designed to support women in cultivating a balanced and vibrant life, where mental, emotional, and physical health are prioritised.

Tailored to address the unique challenges and stressors faced by women today, this comprehensive program provides the guidance and tools needed to nurture a sense of wellbeing that radiates throughout every aspect of life.

Process overview

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Chemistry Check

Begin your journey with an initial 30-minute chemistry check with your coach to ensure alignment and rapport.

Triangular objective setting and support meeting

Establish clear objectives in a 45-minute meeting involving you, your leader (if applicable), and your coach. Secure organisational support to maximise your coaching experience.

Diagnostic tool administration and debrief

Gain valuable insights into your overall wellbeing and stress levels through the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS). Engage in a comprehensive debrief session with your coach to identify areas for improvement and strategies for enhancing your wellbeing.

Coaching Sessions

Engage in 6 or 12, 1-hour coaching sessions, either in-person or via video meeting platform, where you'll explore topics such as stress management, self-care practices, mindfulness techniques, and work-life integration strategies to cultivate a thriving and resilient mindset.


Additional tools and resources

Access a wealth of additional tools and resources tailored to your needs, including recommended books, podcasts, and frameworks to further support your growth and development.

Your investment 

6 months package + Wellbeing Assessment 

Funded by employer: $4,450 + GST

Self-funded: $3,000 + GST

We believe that coaching should be accessible to all women, regardless of their financial circumstances. That's why we offer two fee options tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


For those whose organisations are investing in their professional development, we offer a corporate-sponsored fee structure.


We offer a discounted, self-funded fee option for individuals who are seeking personal growth and development on their own initiative. By offering flexible pricing options, we strive to make coaching affordable and accessible to women in leadership roles.

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