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Sharon Knighton

Sharon is the Founder and Managing Director of People Mode and an Associate Director of the Thriving Women Retreats. Sharon has over 25 years experience in career consulting, executive coaching, sales and operations management, key account management, project and change management and strategic planning.

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Sharon's story

During her fifteen years of experience in career transition, Sharon has successfully managed bespoke and large scale change projects, nationally and internationally. A dynamic and results driven leader with a proven record of generating and sustaining strong, engaged and collaborative networks, Sharon has the expertise and experience to consistently deliver on desired outcomes.


Sharon is an adaptable and transformational leader with a passion for helping others, both as a mentor and as a trusted advisor to organisations. With a natural curiosity and passion for innovation, Sharon is always seeking new and improved ways empowering people to identify their passion and purpose and to achieve their life goals.


Inspired to protect the wildlife she encountered while travelling in Asia, North America and Africa, Sharon became passionate about sustainability and animal welfare. She has travelled to Thailand and volunteered at several elephant rescue projects and trekked in North Sumatra to see wild orangutans. In 2016, Sharon achieved a personal bucket list item by travelling to Uganda and participating in a wild mountain gorilla experience.


Sharon believes in the importance in respecting and protecting our natural environment and all its creatures so that future generations can not only survive but thrive. 

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